Patios & Pergola

There are many design options that you can turn to for bringing your yard together with your house. One of the most popular ones is the use of patios and pergolas. Patios provide an area in your backyard that allows your family and guests to gather, sit and socialize. They can be customized in many different shapes, sizes, textures and styles and have added features to fit your needs. Pergolas are a beautiful garden feature, often forming a walkway, arch or cover for a seating area. They can provide your backyard with some much needed shade and protection from the sun.


Patios are most commonly paved using concrete or stone slabs. If you’d like to add some character to your patio, you can also opt for brick, cobblestone or tiles. Opting for a concrete patio ensures that your patio will last a long time, while still giving you room to customize your design. You can add a unique twist to your concrete by choosing colored concrete or stamped concrete. Our team will prepare the area and lay down the materials chosen, before sealing everything properly. The final result will be perfect for an outdoor dining or recreational area.

Benefits of Patios

People typically install patios because they want an outdoor area that is appropriate for recreational use and gathering with friends and family. If you wish to sit outside, chairs and tables can often ruin grass or soil, but installing a patio gives you an area that is dedicated to sitting and won’t ruin your surrounding landscape. Patios increase the value of your home and provide homeowners with a beautiful outdoor space for hosting parties and BBQs. Patios can even be uniquely customized to include outdoor kitchens, a bar, a gazebo and a fireplace or firepit.


Pergolas add value to the overall aesthetic of your yard. They can be built using wood, bamboo, lattice or brushwood. They can be covered with flowers or vines, blending in with your colorful garden, while also providing a practical purpose. Pergolas offer shade, while being much more open than a gazebo. They are simple structures that have a large impact on both the look and functionality of your yard. At Sugar Land Landscapers, we can design and install a pergola that will fit your needs and desires. Our team is ready for any challenge.

Benefits of Pergolas

The most common benefit of a pergola is the fact that it offers shade. When you are sitting outside, it can be dangerous to sit in the direct sunlight for too long. Pergolas allow you to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air for long periods of time. Pergolas also can protect you from other weather conditions, such as rain and heavy winds. Having a bit of shelter will keep your patio and patio furniture in good condition. Best of all, pergolas offer a stunning view. Instead of looking into your neighbor’s unfinished yard or up at telephone wires, a pergola offers the chance to take in blooming flowers and greenery.