Landscape Design & Installation

Landscaping plays a big role in adding value to your house. Not only does it add literal value to the price of your property, but it also adds value to the look and feel of your home. Landscaping is a big undertaking that involves a lot of hard work over many hours. At Sugar Land Landscapers we are dedicated to bringing you the best landscaping services possible, so that we can bring your dream yard to life. We can help with everything from the design process right down to the nitty gritty installation process.


So you’re ready to make some changes to your backyard, or perhaps you are looking to make a newly built house feel more like a home with a beautiful and inviting yard. Whatever the reason, we have got you covered. Contact Sugar Land Landscapers today and we will start at the beginning with our consultation service. This is the perfect time to ask as many questions as you may have, as well as voice any concerns. Our experts will provide you with both answers and solutions, while helping you conceptualize your dream yard. After the initial consultation is where the fun really begins.

Landscape Design

Once you’ve got the major questions and concerns out of the way, now we can really start cracking down and discussing the details of your design. We offer plenty of design options ranging from walkways to patios to stonescapes and greenery. We will walk through your design wants with you, and offer helpful feedback and suggestions along the way. And if design isn’t your forte, don’t worry because we’ve got a team of professionals who have an eye for this kind of thing! Our goal is to make sure your yard looks absolutely stunning, and more importantly, that you are happy with the result.

Landscape Installation

Once we’ve decided on a design plan, it’s time to put the plan into action. Landscaping is detailed and laborious work. At Sugar Land Landscapers, we have some of the best workers in all of Texas. Our team has an exceptionally strong work ethic and is detail-oriented, making them the perfect professionals to handle your design with care. Once are team arrives at your home, the work will begin right away! Paying close attention to the design plan, adhering to best safety practices and making sure that we communicate with you throughout is all part of the installation process. We work efficiently to get the job done right, and in record time.

The Finished Result

Once we’ve completed your design plan, including any technical aspects that you may want installed including sprinkler systems, drainage systems and irrigation, we will leave your yard looking pristine and immaculate. Your new yard will leave every other house on the block green with envy. The last step in the process is the best part – enjoy your beautiful outdoor paradise! Having an outdoor space that is beautiful, inviting and comforting is a great way to spend more time outside and bring your family together.